FS: Misc Parts (carbs,pipe,bar,fairings,seat,lambo wheels,etc)

Going through my parts pile.

Prices listed below.


Lambo wheels do not come with brake plates or rear sprocket. Axles are included. I can remove the tires and throw them out if you want, they came with the wheels. Previous owner spray painted them black. I pressure washed them but recommend you remove the paint and soak them in some evaporust. Got them from DOS and paid about $250 - selling as my build has taken a different turn. My loss, your gain.

SHA carbs do NOT have slides. They are all 14.12 and are in good condition. Lever chokes. I'll throw in a top cap gasket for each.

Bings are in good condition and GENUINE. Will also come with some top cap gaskets. 15mm bing comes with treats #1 grandpa intake. 12mm bing comes with OEM 14mm puch intake.

SHA intakes are off garelli monzas and can work on AV7. Believe they are 12mm ID.

Seat is something my buddy bought off eBay. No idea what he paid for it. Make me an offer?

Puch Tecno Circuit pipe has about 100 miles on it. Epoxied the baffle on the underside so it wont fall off on you. Can't even see it. Will toss in a 50% crush gasket with purchase.

Metal mesh filters....nothing more needs to be said about these.

MLM Bing velocity stack air filter is in 9/10 condition. Comes with clamp.

Malossi E3 PHBG offset screw on filter. Never used

Treats 90x18mm super high quality brake pads. Never used.

Shocks are off a Tomos A55 Sprint. Believe they are 280 or 290mm.

OEM Tomos Footpegs. Never used.

EBR Magnum length headtube and fork clamp. Comes with handlebar clamp. No headtube nut. Never used.

OEM Magnum handlebars. Off a Magnum XK. Black bars are not for sale.

OEM Derbi Dash and wiring harness. Does NOT include tachometer. Speedo IS included.

Puch Korado / Manet Korado / Manet Tx-1 / Manet Z-One complete fairing set. Imported this from Germany last year when I had my Korado. Never got to use it. These came on the "top trim" Euro korado models. The whole set is AWESOME and appears to be made out of fiberglass. 9.5/10 condition. I must've paid about $400 after all was said and done between shipping, VAT, etc. Can't remember. Will not be cheap...

Everything is OBO. Buyer pays shipping. I'll ship everything USPS Priority Flat Rate (except the fairing set...obviously) unless buyer wants to use another service. Local pickup in Brooklyn. Paypal friends and family or Venmo is cool.

PM me with any offers or questions. Thanks.

SHA 14.12 - $25 each

SHA intakes - $10 each? $5 if you buy one with a carb

Bing 15mm w/ #1 Grandpa Intake - $70

Bing 12mm w/ 14mm Puch Intake- -$35

Tecno Circuit Pipe - $45

Magnum handlebars - $20

EBR top clamp with puch headtube and handlebar clamp - $30

Treatland 90x18mm brake pads - $10

Metal mesh filters - $5 if you want them with a bing

MLM bing velocity stack - $18

Malossi E3 PHBG filter - $12

Tomos footpegs - $15

Tomos shocks - $35

"Cafe" style seat - $25?

Garelli Lambo Wheels - $200

NOS Derbi dash w/ NOS speedo (NO TACH) - $70

Korado / TX-1 complete fairing set - ????

Andrew (edited)


Re: FS: Misc Parts (carbs,pipe,bar,fairings,seat,lambo wheels,etc)

15 bing, metal mesh filters, and proma pending

Re: FS: Misc Parts (carbs,pipe,bar,fairings,seat,lambo wheels,etc)

Lambo mags and derbi dash pending sale

Re: FS: Misc Parts (carbs,pipe,bar,fairings,seat,lambo wheels,etc)

12mm bing, 14mm puch intake, tomos shocks, and tomos footpegs pending sale

Re: FS: Misc Parts (carbs,pipe,bar,fairings,seat,lambo wheels,etc)

15 bing w/intake, metal mesh filters, MLM velocity stack, and circuit pipe sold.

Found a A55 stock airbox, a55 black metal domino levers, and a uni pod air filter.

These are $10 each. Or whatever you want to pay. Idc.

Need the other remaining items gone. Bundle stuff up and make me a reasonable offer. Thanks



Re: FS: Misc Parts (carbs,pipe,bar,fairings,seat,lambo wheels,etc)

Steve Longwell /

curious about the lambo wheels. Did they sell?

Re: FS: Misc Parts (carbs,pipe,bar,fairings,seat,lambo wheels,etc)

> Steve Longwell Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> curious about the lambo wheels. Did they sell?

Yes they did

Re: FS: Misc Parts (carbs,pipe,bar,fairings,seat,lambo wheels,etc)

Ebr tree and handlebar clamp, 12mm bing w/14mm intake, one of the 14.12 SHAs, tomos shocks, and tomos footpegs sold.

Following random items still available. Make an offer. Would rather not throw stuff in the trash...

Tomos levers - $10

A55 airbox - $10

SHA 14.12 - $25 each (2 available)

SHA intakes - $10 each? $5 if you buy one with a carb

Magnum handlebars - $20

Treatland 90x18mm brake pads - $10

Malossi E3 PHBG filter - $12

"Cafe" style seat - $25??

Korado / TX-1 complete fairing set - ???

Re: FS: Misc Parts (carbs,pipe,bar,fairings,seat,lambo wheels,etc)

Add these 2 to the pile of stuff for sale

Derbi speedometer NOS - $30


Derbi variant / any other moped CEV taillight with bulbs - $40


Will have other stuff in the coming days. Might just make separate threads depending on what brands the stuff is for.



Re: FS: Misc Parts (carbs,pipe,bar,fairings,seat,lambo wheels,etc)

what kind of choke is it? i have a puch maxi. i will take one of the sha 14.12 w/ intake if the choke will be usable, thanks.

Re: FS: Misc Parts (carbs,pipe,bar,fairings,seat,lambo wheels,etc)

Hey Andy,

Sorry for not updating this thread, but all the carbs have sold.


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