FS: Pinto Side Covers

Hello, new to the forum and mopeds, though not to motorcycles (the older I get it seems the slower I want to go). I recently purchased a Pinto/Swinger that after some modding, have parts I will not need. First up on the chopping block are a pair of side covers. From what I can tell, they are not cut up anywhere, but the original stickers are removed and there is a little blue paint where the side covers meet the frame.

I looked around and didn't see many current listings for comparable pricing, but I am asking for $75 shipped. If I am way off on pricing, please tell me.

As purchased on the bike before mods.


Mocked up on my bike after some mods and a little cleaning up (they do not fit tight to the frame with my peg setup)


Additional Images of the covers.


If you have any additional questions or want me to provide additional images, PM me and I can Text, e-mail, or PM a response. (edited)

Re: FS: Pinto Side Covers

On bike as originally purchased


Back Side of the side covers


Re: FS: Pinto Side Covers


Re: FS: Pinto Side Covers


To those that expressed interest in the saddle bags, I am hoping to get them posted F/S by the end of the month.


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