WTB 1977 Pinto parts

Stephen Waters /

Looking for headlight, tailight, headlight switch and chain gaurd.

Re: WTB 1977 Pinto parts

All the parts you need are puch maxi items. you can get them new or used, the switches get new at treats or ? the used parts I like sunday morning motors

Re: WTB 1977 Pinto parts

Only thing different is the sidecovers, which are the same as a free spirit or Magnum. No chainguard on a pinto other than the sidecovers.



Sunday morning motors for everything used like Jeff said

Re: WTB 1977 Pinto parts

Which style taillight do you want?

Re: WTB 1977 Pinto parts

The side covers for the pinto are similar but not the same size as the free spirit or magnum. Dont get those thinking they will fit on your pinto. The frames are different sizes.

Re: WTB 1977 Pinto parts

Michael Domanski /

sorry for the delay here is what I have .

Re: WTB 1977 Pinto parts

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

also they used whatever switches they could source back in the moped craze. Lots of back orders causing them to switch switches. In order to match your other side, do you have chrome oval, plastic rectangle...what?

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