WTB: Testi / Cosmo Amico

Interested in finding one of these goofy things, I found one on Craigslist a couple years back in a large vintage bicycle collection but lost the guy’s contact info. 😭

Send me a private message with a pic if you’ve got one and what you’d like for it.


Re: WTB: Testi / Cosmo Amico

todd amundson /

I love you.

Just saying.

Re: WTB: Testi / Cosmo Amico

I pulled out original flyers of these from the Cosmo warehouse. If you find one and need the matching flyer :)

Re: WTB: Testi / Cosmo Amico

I had real nice one year ago; it has changed hands a few times, but last I knew it ended up with Tim and Lisa from Moto-Ocho and is now outside of Austin, TX. I can send you Tim’s contact info if you want it.

Re: WTB: Testi / Cosmo Amico

How bout this testi up in maine


Re: WTB: Testi / Cosmo Amico

That bagaglino is neat but would take up a hell of a lot of space.

Derek, that would be great, thanks!

Re: WTB: Testi / Cosmo Amico

If you find two, let me know. I'm a big fan of Testi.

My 63 weekend cross converted to custom grand prix


Re: WTB: Testi / Cosmo Amico

Baird, I love that bike of yours. Testi had the best fuel tanks!

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