FS- Batavus Turn Signals, Rack, and Box

Erik Muir /

I've got some batavus HS50 parts that came with my bike which I do not need.

I have:

Front and rear turn signals (with headlight) in ok condition, one front signal doesn't have a lense

Rear Rack and large Batavus carrying box

Batavus mirrors

Small batavus box for tools

I do not know the functionality of the turn signals and light as they came unmounted on the bike I bought. All the wires are cut leading to them (not by my doing).

The rear carrying box is in two pieces as the plastic flange which holds them together is broken.

I won't be needing any of these parts and I'm sure there is someone out there who could use them to finish their bat build. I have no idea how much they are worth so just PM me. Im still in college so any money helps!



Re: FS- Batavus Turn Signals, Rack, and Box

You still have the turn signals?

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