Looking for parts

Reginald Parris /

Anyone know where I can buy replacement side panels for my Sachs Westlake and suggest a way to add an external gas tank that doesn’t look so janky


Re: Looking for parts

The side panels are hard to find but keep looking in the usual places, they turn up from time to time. I've been on the same quest and so far have found 1 right side cover.

Re: Looking for parts

I bought a nice used set of panels for my Westlake from Does Cycles a few months ago. Email them, they probably have more. Sunday morning mopeds has a right cover available on their website currently.

Re: Looking for parts

Larry Warner /

My first post ever, I am looking for a wiring harness for a 1982 nu50m deluxe. Must not be many cause I havent found many online. Not looking forward to slowly making one. If I do though I'll make two cause there like gold and I'll sell one. Thx

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