Honda s90 anyone?

Chester Copperpot /

Heyllo pandemiceers!

Wondering if anyone is interested in THE, elusive, coveted bastard that IS the super90!?!

Nope, not a moped, but goes just as fast!

Yes, those annoying gears and clutch but banging that heel shift sure is choice.

Yep, you can be the owner of a motorcycle that everyone CALLS a moped!

“Nice moped”

“What year is that?”

“What kind of moped is THAT?”

“How fast does it go”

“Get a real bike...”

Those are just some of the cool things you will hear when you ride this bastard bike!

Fun fact: it’s called the bastard bike because they were only made 5 years, and nothing you buy or try to fix fits! It’s also a pain in the shins to work on!

But man, does it look good. Rides nimble, and no one you know has one!

I was lucky enough to talk to a leprechaun, who knew of a librarian, who heard of this girl that had an uncle who owned a barn in the Adirondacks who had 5, yep 5 s90’s hanging in his fathers, sisters, chicken coop, in pieces of course, and I put those $#¡+$ together!

There’s a black one, a red one, a white one, a black one, a red one, and a white one!


I know there’s some sort of name for 5 bastards together; Like, a smack of jellyfish , pandemonium of parrots, or an army of frogs...

Maybe a congress of bastards?

And you could have one!

They all run, all leak oil, and the horns are most definitely likely to work intermittently!

You would be an IDIOT of elephantine proportions if you didn’t want one of THESE babies...

Here is what I did to MINE:

1965 honda S90

54mm piston (over stock 50mm)

Race cam

Ported Bapp intake

26mm cb77 carb

Inner header pipe removed

Charlie’s place electronic ignition/coil/regulator-rectifier (500$...!)

And woah, I cruise 55-60 all day!

Who needs pedals when the ignition system costs more than the bike in a junkyard?!?

Pffft, I say what the h e double hockey sticks and drafted a semi truck in the mountains on a highway and got it up to 80h! (The speedo goes up to 80, and the at the bottom is mph...)

80h is like 83mph!!!

And you could too!

Just buy one of these bastards (you pick the color) and spend the next three years and like, all your time and money finding parts and fixing this sweet moped- ahem, motorcycle and you to can cuss about having thousands of dollars in a bike worth hundreds!

Oh yeah, no titles either!

Now look. Don’t everybody try getting one of these sweet babesters at once, just casually write an email about what years I have, early and late, and for pics, and how you will pay whatever it costs for one, and you too can be elite!

Whew, I’m feeling a little lightheaded after all that excitement so, lemme break for a nap and let y’all feel lightheaded too!

*girl not included...

Copperpot out


Re: Honda s90 anyone?

Beach Club Nick /

So are you selling all 4 as a lot or individually? I had a 1966 S65 that I thoroughly enjoyed as a 16 year old, way back in 2015

Re: Honda s90 anyone?

> Nick Haber Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> So are you selling all 4 as a lot or individually? I had a 1966 S65 that

> I thoroughly enjoyed as a 16 year old, way back in 2015

Way back five years ago, lol

Re: Honda s90 anyone?

I don't see anything clean enough to be worth more than $750.

Parts are everywhere and cheap. Do up an S65 and see what tough to find and expensive really is...

Re: Honda s90 anyone?

Chester Copperpot /

Ross, I disagree. Like I said above, parts are hard to find. Plentiful, yes, but correct? No.

Headlight buckets, if not original, are aftermarket and crap.

An air box by itself, if you can find the correct one, are over a hundred dollars: and that does not include the air box covers...

Original badges that fit are non existent.

Rear racks do not exist.

Any gas tank is 350$... well, one that works.

A battery door, if you can find it, is over a hundred dollars.

Any s90 that has been “restored” is full of junk, aftermarket parts that as soon as you hit a pothole, the headlight falls out...

Personally, I’d rather have an original, patina bike with the correct length cables, perches that are japan metal instead of aftermarket pot metal that breaks as soon as you drop it, and all the important things replaced (fork seals, rubber, petcock gaskets etc.) that make it reliable.

I have gone over each bike, conditioned each gas tank, re-wired the harnesses, made everything work properly with original parts. They are all complete.

I have an ALL ORIGINAL first year 1964 with 5000 original miles. That bike is completely different than any other s90 out there.

The tank mounts differently.

The swing arm is different.

The chain guard is metal and mounts on the inside. Every other year after that mounts on the outside and is plastic.

It even has nos original tires with no cracks.

That 1964 is basically non existent any more.

There is a 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967 and 1968.

The 1968 has a title.

Each sold separately.


Re: Honda s90 anyone?

Beach Club Nick /

The S90 has mountains of parts compared to the S65. If your only source for parts is eBay of course everything seems expensive. There will be a couple S90's in any motorcycle junkyard you find. And those parts are cheap

Re: Honda s90 anyone?

Chester Copperpot /

Beuller? Beuller? Beuller?

Re: Honda s90 anyone?

Got a tomos a35 you will sell for under 400 need Nick?

Re: Honda s90 anyone?

Beach Club Nick /

> Mark Barney Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Got a tomos a35 you will sell for under 400 need Nick?

You want a running stock a35?

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