WTB: Solo clutch part for Columbia Commuter

So there's a broken piece in my inner pulley, there's a sort of casting that holds the outer plate that has sheared off, so I'm looking for the inner pulley with that piece in tact. First picture shows which clutch I have, second/third picture shows the inner pulley with the shaft as part of it, there should be a sort of extended casting with two flat sides on it to retain the outer plate. A complete clutch is fine too if that's how you wanna sell it. Let me know if you can help, I know there aren't a million of these parts, thanks y'all!


Re: WTB: Solo clutch part for Columbia Commuter

Oops also forgot this bushing is messed up too so I need that part as well:


Guess I should just find a complete one if possible!

Re: WTB: Solo clutch part for Columbia Commuter

Totally normal JBOT /

The top pictured double D breakage on the bushing my issue too now. Just bought a sport with a solo. Same prob. Does it really matter though if the crank nut is tight and the ramp plate is centered?

I’m gonna fix it by just making the outer stater/ramp plate have a proper size hole for the crank and just depend on the nut to keep it tight. It’s only really torqued on during starting I think.

If that doesn’t work I’ll try other more drastic mods. I’ll prob change over to a fixed er3 or 2 with a pulley

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