WTB: Carb for 1969 Honda PC50

Art Vandelay /

My main jet will not screw into it's hole properly because the threads are stripped and I'm thinking there's no way to fix this. Does anybody have a Honda PC50 carb or know where to get one?

Thank you!

Re: WTB: Carb for 1969 Honda PC50

if its FUBAR'd, you can go for broke and put jb weld on the threads, "screw" it in best as possible and let it cure for 24 hours. would make it a bish to remove down the road and clean / swap but hey it's an option if it's trash anyway... besides the main jet what's there to lose ?

Re: WTB: Carb for 1969 Honda PC50

Hmmm that's not a bad idea, thanks!

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