1981 Garelli Rally Sport SL


I need an OUTPUT shaft for my build.. Anyone know where I can find one?

Re: 1981 Garelli Rally Sport SL

I might, Pm me with a pic of the part

Re: 1981 Garelli Rally Sport SL

As you can see I am also missing the 11 Point sprocket and the original owner told me I would need to get an output shaft. This is the only thing I got to show you.. I can't find it anywhere..


Re: 1981 Garelli Rally Sport SL

Oh my. That is a lot to ask for. That shaft is connected via the inside of the bike and will be quite the job to get to the pice you are replacing. It is part of the drive gear assembly.

I'm sorry I do not have one and I thought I at least had a pic of the tranny side where the shaft starts.

Cheetahchrome should have one tho!

Re: 1981 Garelli Rally Sport SL

Turns out his is a 2 speed, the single speed Noi output shaft that I have wont work.


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