WTB: Puch Tire Pump

Get Puched /

Like the title says, looking to buy a tire pump that was installed in the side panel covers.

Re: WTB: Puch Tire Pump

Probably Fred /

Any vintage tire pump fit, they used several brands, look for a English or French bicycle brand ,

if you go for original 40-year-old one chances are it’s going to leak at the seals so Just buy a new one.

Like this one


There’s hundreds on eBay

Re: WTB: Puch Tire Pump

I have one - missing the little hose part. Not sure if it works. PM me if interested.

Re: WTB: Puch Tire Pump

roots to wings /

So if the pump says it was made in England, does it mean the bike was made in England. Just picked up a 77 e50 2hp manufactured 1/77 that has a pump in the panel that says it is from England with a 'B' logo with a feather. It also has controls unlike any I have ever seen on a 77 Maxi. Just silver controls, with a black button for the horn on both controls. They are larger than the normal chrome covered controls and the switches are different. They look like they are stock to the bike based on the wiring.

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