MB5 Engine

Swapped this out of my MB5 right after I bought it. I have never run it because i dont have a carb for it.

Turns over smoothly, good compression.

Reeds are in good shape.

Clutch works fine as far as I can tell without running.

Shifts smooth through all 5 gears.

Trans has been sitting filled with clean oil.

No moisture damage inside trans, crankcase or stator.

Strong spark.

Cylinder, rings, and piston are clean from looking through the ports. I have not had the top apart.

Oil pump is not shown but is included.

Includes everything pictured minus the shift lever, that turned out to be broken when I removed it.

$300 shipped or local pickup near Seattle.


Re: MB5 Engine

Cameron Cate /

I have other parts like clutch cable, tach cable, throttle cable, electronics, exhaust as well, so ask if you need other stuff.


Re: MB5 Engine

That top end needs a rebuild...whats the psi? (edited)

Re: MB5 Engine

Jack Rutherford /

Lions and tigers and bears!

Re: MB5 Engine

Cameron Cate /

Still holding this!

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