Puch dart (NorCal)

I got 2 dart frames one set of 14 inch wheels, rear rack(not pictured) ,both seats and even the very hard to find under the seat gas tank

They are just 2 bikes I’m not gonna get to anytime soon and would like them to go to a good home $200 pick up only


Re: Puch dart (NorCal)

Ϫ‡☄ಬ∞ ƀƖḬƝƊ ƤǂƿƎ ∞ಬ☄‡Ϫ - Hoke from Black Pipes Moped Gang /

damn that’s a deal anywhere. Darts are so funnie someone pop on this shit !!

Re: Puch dart (NorCal)

I like that you just have little bikes laying around.

Re: Puch dart (NorCal)

haha yeah little bikes are just to much fun

Re: Puch dart (NorCal)

Sold !

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