F/S - Hobbit wheels

Jay Rivett /

Grabbed these wheels from a guy who was planning on making a 3wheeled mini car, which is why I have an odd number of them now.

I got the wheels in this condition, they are true and all have good rubber. The front rims actually have brand new tires.

2 front wheels. One has bearings, probably need to be replaced. Neither have axels or brakes. $50 each plus shipping


1 rear wheel has brake plate but no axel. Tire is used but in good condition. $80 plus shipping

I can remove the tires if needed for shipping if you dont need the rubber. Should help a little in that department cuz these suckers are heavy.

I dont have a hobbit but picked these up cuz I figured someone could use them. Guys was gonna recycle them so I got them cheap, now you get them cheap.

Re: F/S - Hobbit wheels

Jay Rivett /

Rear wheel...


Re: F/S - Hobbit wheels

William Johnson /

That isn't a hobbit rear wheel. I don't think those fronts are either.

Re: F/S - Hobbit wheels

Jay Rivett /

You know I was afraid of that. Guy was very positive that is what he had. They looked more like some trail90 style wheels honestly. But I was taking him at his word...

I can re-frame this post if needed....

Still super solid wheels.

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