wtb: stock towny exhaust

Anyone got a stock towny pipe they would like to sell?

Re: wtb: stock towny exhaust

MJ50 towny has a unique pipe because the transmission is wider than a QT50/PW50. because it wider, the rear mount for the pipe is not compatible. i bought the MLM QT50 pipe and then had the rear bracket cut off, header bent out, and the bracket re-welded. I was never happy with the pipe though.

your best bet is gonna be a hack n weld project. maybe look for PW50 expansion chamber exhausts

Re: wtb: stock towny exhaust

Thanks for the info! Have a hack and weld chamber on there now that was on the bike when I got it, (and huge aftermarket carb) Thing just runs like shit so I was going to go back to stock configuration and get it running good before moving forward. Sucks the stock pipes are hard to source (edited)

Re: wtb: stock towny exhaust

Disregard this post, going to work with what I got

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