FS 1982 Honda Express SR (NX50M)

I was hoping ya'll MA members could give me an idea of what's a good price for a 1982 Honda Express SR.

Motor Scooter Guide referred to it as "a true missing link"

It was running when it was parked, a few years ago, but smoked and bogged down on a hard acceleration, it was on a trickle charge but I had to use the battery.

The shin guards are cracked but I'll probably heat weld them.

I'll add better pics (depending on interest I suppose). I just don't have the time to dig it out tonight.

What you see is the buried view. I also have the original tool kit, owners manual and OEM Shop Manual

From ya'll's experience at swap meets, Craigslist, past or current sale's, what would you pay?

I'm in Charleston SC 29464 and hope someone can bring it back and enjoy riding it.

Honda Express SR buried left side.jpg
Honda Express SR Owner and Shop Manual.jpg

Re: FS 1982 Honda Express SR (NX50M)

Pushrod Fifty /

"Running when parked" and a pic that shows nothing but a pile of crap around a discarded bike, that's a Craigslist classic. Usually these ads have prices of $1000.00. And they are mint like yours. (edited)

Re: FS 1982 Honda Express SR (NX50M)

Jeremy Homser /

Id put it in the $200 range

Re: FS 1982 Honda Express SR (NX50M)

Awesome, thanks supercub, I'll consider that as a very high end price estimate

Re: FS 1982 Honda Express SR (NX50M)

Oh man, that's disappointing but I do appreciate your opinion/estimate

Re: FS 1982 Honda Express SR (NX50M)

As is, 2-300.....running and titled around $600, tops.

Re: FS 1982 Honda Express SR (NX50M)

Thank you, that sounds fair, I plan on pulling it out today and cleaning it up.

Re: FS 1982 Honda Express SR (NX50M)

Pushrod Fifty /

Oh, I thought this was the ad, sorry. I can't wait to see what it looks like, rare in the US. it basically looks like an Express drivetrain on a scooter style body?

Re: FS 1982 Honda Express SR (NX50M)

It took awhile but I got the Express SR out and wiped it down, and its a 1981 NOT 82 I dont think that would make it more valuable though.

I also found an extra oil pump and air filter.

I heat welded the shin guard's (Not the best but it'll do for a 39yo scooter) The battery was completed dry, I thought I could use trickle charge cable's and a stand alone battery from a lawn mower to crank it but that didn't work? so I took the batt. from my wife's Honda Metropolitan, what a pain in the butt that was to get out!

I put fuel in the tank, which didn't have any rust.

The Express SR light up, brakes, lights, blinkers all work!

It cranked/turned over and over etc. but wont fire off!

I hit it with Starter Fluid and "It's Alive" ran like hell and smoked blue.

So it appear's I have a fuel flow, oil mixture, or both problem?

At this point, based on what ya'll have suggested as a fair value I'm going to ask $300, heck the the manual's, tool kit, and extra oil pump have got to be worth $75.

I'm not gonna let it beat me. If I can get it road worthy I'm gonna ask $500. (again that really only $425 for the SR)

Here's a few more pics and I would appreciate any thought's on the price and suggestions to get it running on gas.

Honda Express Right 2.jpg
Honda Express Left 2.jpg
Honda Express Rear 2.jpg

Re: FS 1982 Honda Express SR (NX50M)

Pushrod Fifty /

If it wasnt the top end lube type starter fluid, the top end is probably toast, maybe the crank bearings too.

Re: FS 1982 Honda Express SR (NX50M)

I'm gonna start with the basic's, check fuel flow first, the filter appeared pretty dry maybe a vacuum lock? I didn't have a lot of time to diagnose it. But thanks

Re: FS 1982 Honda Express SR (NX50M)

Make sure there is oil in the tank, replace fuel lines and if ambitious replace and BLEED oil lines, can't remember if these have manual petcocks, if it does clean it out, and of course see that it is "on" :) don't use starting fluid on 2 strokes, put some premix in a spray or squirt bottle instead.

Re: FS 1982 Honda Express SR (NX50M)

The Express SR is a four stroke, (separate oil and fuel reservoirs) which I believe the SR was the first to produce the 4 stroke scooter.

All valid approaches, that aren't extreme.

I don't recall a petcock but your suggestion reminds me that, I think a fuel diaphragm of sorts is in place to prevent free flow of fuel to the carb. I will check that and attempt a premix alternative by blocking the oil intake to carb. and replacing the lines.

A premix sprayed into the carb is an very interesting idea. Small investments over all.

And very Interesting, thank you

Re: FS 1982 Honda Express SR (NX50M)

The sr is not a four stroke. It's a two stroke with metered oil injection.

Re: FS 1982 Honda Express SR (NX50M)

Ok thanks, I presumed since the oil and gas were not premixed is was ego a four stroke.

Is there something I can do to be certain that both functions are operating correctly?

Re: FS 1982 Honda Express SR (NX50M)

What you need to do is remove the carb and clean it thoroughly, the bowl is most likely full of varnish which is messing things up. When you reattach the carb, fill the tank with 40/1 two stroke premix. Don't re attach the oil line to the intake/carb, instead run it to a cup or something and plug the oil inlet on the intake. At this point the engine should run and you should see steady drips of oil going to the cup. If you do, you can reattach the oil line, drain and fill the tank with straight gas..and your done...

if you don't have drips of oil, drain the oil tank, permanently plug the oil inlet on the intake/carb and the bike will run perfectly fine with premix from then on.

Re: FS 1982 Honda Express SR (NX50M)

> Aaron Blair Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> The sr is not a four stroke. It's a two stroke with metered oil

> injection.


Re: FS 1982 Honda Express SR (NX50M)

Awesome, I'll work on that today!

Re: FS 1982 Honda Express SR (NX50M)

That idea to put premix in a spary bottle is Friggin Genius!

I only mixed a small amount and it cranked without smoke but stalled, I'm stoked! and moving on with replacing the oil and fuel line suggestion and aaronb's last post.

Oil Fuel Spray Premix.jpg

Re: FS 1982 Honda Express SR (NX50M)

I see there is already a filter on it? If you did not just put that on now, replace it, make sure you put the new one on the right way, there should be an arrow on it indicating fuel flow direction.

Re: SOLD! 1982 Honda Express SR (NX50M)


I appreciate everyone that replied to my post.

The SR has been sold to a guy who bought a one new in 81 and still has it. He wanted this one for parts and or repair since he was familiar with them.

Do I delete this post, if so how, or just let it fade away?

Re: SOLD! 1982 Honda Express SR (NX50M)

Its forever! :)

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