FS Brand New Tecno Estoril Version 2 Mount

I got this pipe from Treatland but it somehow doesn't remotely fit my 1994 Tomos Sprint A35. Just throwing it out here to avoid having to send it back. Brand new, never installed, version 2 mount, see the photo for the exact exhaust from Treats. For sale $100 located near Bethesda, MD. Local pickup only, but I'm willing to drive a little ways for cash.

PS let me know what exhaust I need for a stock 49cc 1994 Sprint pedal start, if you know! :)

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 1.32.54 PM.png

Re: FS Brand New Tecno Estoril Version 2 Mount

tomos a55 pipe

Re: FS Brand New Tecno Estoril Version 2 Mount

> ID OD Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> tomos a55 pipe

saw your review. treats description kind of indicates its something you have to diy to make work. that blows. mount looks a55. the one you want $20 more has some lousy reviews. ive got a friend who runs estoril on a55, we have identical bikes, set up, weigh the same, and i pull away from him with a biturbo. people say estroril are better. you might want to buy a dumb old biturbo. they bolt right up every time. sorry to hear good luck.

Re: FS Brand New Tecno Estoril Version 2 Mount

Katie Baden /

Thank you! I think I'll go with the biturbo, tried & true, from Moped Division. They are only 2 hours away so if it doesn't fit, I can afford to ship or drive it back, haha. I'm pretty sure this IS an A55 pipe. Angle of the header is completely wrong. I need to buy an A55 so I can prove my point! :)

So this is for sale for whoever wants to give me close to what I paid for it ($95)!

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