Good deal?

77 puch maxi on CL they’re asking $750 overall bike looks solid, owner says it needs throttle cable and has been sitting for a while. What do you all think is a reasonable offer for this beauty? I don’t want to pay $750 for a bike I’m not sure on how much it’s going to take to get running. Appreciate the advice in advance thanks for reading


Re: Good deal?

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

If it were in really good shape, clean, complete, and running, $750 might be a good deal. But that thing is a mess...its incomplete, dirty, missing parts, and not running. Who knows what the inside of the tank looks like.

That's a $200 maxi

Re: Good deal?

Like he said^^^^^

Non running $200 for sure. If you really want it and the tank is clean offer $400.

Re: Good deal?

Probably Fred /

Frame/rear fender is bent, tank seam weld shows rust so probably frame is junk.

Save your money for something in better and more complete shape

Re: Good deal?

Overpriced and molested.

Re: Good deal?

$700 is waaaaay too much for that bike. Save your money for a better one

Re: Good deal?

Emil Kniemel /

Oh you’re in CA. Might be worth it drive a few hours north or south to find better bikes.

Re: Good deal?

Jimmy Cincinnati /

Given your location, $200-$400 is what it is likely worth. $750 is insane for that condition. Here is what Im seeing...

Janked up wiring

Broken switchs

Missing front fender

Bent rear rack

You can tell there are "replaced" bolts and some performance mods. Based on its condition the person that did that probably didnt know what they were doing so expect poor compression and just general jankyness through the bike. When i see mods on a moped i normally discover short cuts to the quality of repairs.

Re: Good deal?

Well I got them down to $400 for the cimatti so I’ll be picking that up today. Appreciate the advice everyone. I would have likely paid to much for the maxi without this page


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