need to find a set of point and condenser for a 49cc mo1 franco morini scopion moped engine

Re: parts

Re: parts

> Full Tuck Wrote:

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> or




> external condensers are easier to swap out, no reason really to keep it

> in there other than protection from the elements.




we can't thank you enough...

The last seven years have been an amazing experience for us. We started out doing small repairs in a crappy garage and with a crappy bare-bones website. We listed a pile of rare NOS and used parts that we had gotten lucky enough to find, and we've continued to grow ever since those first sales. We wanted to bring both rare and common parts to the moped community, at affordable prices, so that all of us could keep our bikes (and projects) going.

Since then, we've evolved from just selling NOS and used parts to maintaining an ever-growing inventory of new parts, performance parts, parts we made in-house, and parts we purchased from the many talented individuals in the moped community. We got to know people across the world whose hobby we shared – and at the same time, we grew a successful local repair shop in Boston. We could never grow tired of introducing new people to mopeds, and we’re happy to have helped so many builds, and dreams, come to life.

In order for Lucky2Strokes to continue that mission, we have decided to hand our business off to new owners. We didn't want just any new owners, however – we wanted to be sure that all of you would continue to receive the best service possible. Our first choice for a successor was a company that has been a pillar of the North American moped community since the start – and luckily, Benji and the staff at Treats felt the same way. Treatland will be taking over Lucky2strokes from here on out and we could not be more confident in their ability to provide you guys with the best parts, the best prices, and the best customer service in mopedding. Keep in mind this transition was an enormous logistical balancing act, so it will take a few weeks to re-adjust all of the inventory and get all parts back in stock and available for you again. That being said, please welcome the Treats team with the same enthusiasm and loyalty that you've shown to us for the last seven years.

We are an equal mix of sad to be moving on but also excited to see where Benji and the Treats team takes Lucky2strokes. During our journey we learned a lot…both through starting and growing a small business in Boston, and also from the moped community as a whole. We made an incredible amount of new friends, many of whom we're proud to call family. We facilitated growing and nurturing the moped community in the Northeast. And while we’ve helped guide so many people through moped ownership, we also learned so much from moped owners – who, on the whole, are a supportive, dedicated, and innovative group. Name a way for a bike to break, and we can tell you the craziest way to fix it and the best way to fix it (they’re often times one and the same!). Thank you all again for an amazing experience that we will never forget!

See you out riding,

Ian + Ben from Lucky2strokes

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