ISO 78 Hobbit parts

I need a lot, all electrical, most covers, etc. Picture shows what I have


Re: ISO 78 Hobbit parts

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

I hope you drained the oil out of the gearbox/reduction gear. Wiring is easily fixed. All I see missing is the headlight, tire, speedo cable, belt, belt and chain covers, and exhaust.

Re: ISO 78 Hobbit parts

I just got the wheel yesterday, didn't inspect at all other than making sure it spun and fit.

Re: ISO 78 Hobbit parts

Emil Kniemel /

Why don't yo put the kickstand down and put the bike right side up? It will rest on the front wheel fine.

I have a fair amount of things you need. Horn cover, stock belt, both subframe side covers, treatland speedo cable. Whats your carb situation? Sent email.

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