DEMM Smily Parts?

Pea-Jae Stasuk /

Hi, Moped Army Troops!!

I’m a Smily rider near Cleveland and I’m on the lookout for parts or a parts bike?

Got anything? Please say hi!!

Really need the foot rests and clutch parts. But, anything is helpful!

A Huret 20”/1.6 Speedo Drive and cable, and a working CEV 172 wouldn’t go amiss, either!!

Thanks a ton!!

Be safe and be kind.


Pea-Jae... Brrap Brap!!


Re: DEMM Smily Parts?

These are a bit harder to come by least I they seem to come up for sale less than the other Italian mopeds... best bet is pick up an entire parts bike if you can find one .... The foot boards will be tough to find all alone because I think they are 2 pieces .... but the clutch might be the same as the other italian mopeds but you would have to look ... if you pull the side cover on the engine you can inspect the clutch shoes and see if you definitely need them

.... I did find one for sale on Facebook in Mass tho


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