WTB Switch Base for Maxi

Rob Abbott /

Hey - I busted the base for my run/stop switch and all of the online vendors are sold out. Anyone have one I can buy? Or the whole switch and base if you've got it.


Run stop switch.jpg
Switch base.jpg

Re: WTB Switch Base for Maxi

Re: WTB Switch Base for Maxi

Sundaymorningmotors.com Under Puch, "electrical".

Re: WTB Switch Base for Maxi

Good idea



Puch Plastic On Off Switch Complete Assembly

Our Price: $34.99

OEM Part #: 349.2.53.830.0 349.154.018.0

Stock Status:In Stock

Product Code: C005176



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Complete original Puch Black Plastic On Off Switch Assembly for Maxi and Magnum models.Includes base, brackets and all hardware. Very hard to find these original switches without a broken base. Fully tested

Diagram Reference # 26 and 27

Manufacturer # 349.2.53.830.0 and 349.154.018.0

Please note that this is a USED/recycled item, which means that there may be signs of wear. The item you receive may be slightly different than the photo shown, but we will do our best to keep the quality consistent. You will also be given the option to have us clean, polish and recondition most parts prior to them being shipped.

Re: WTB Switch Base for Maxi

Re: WTB Switch Base for Maxi

Justabunchoftrash 646260 /

You don’t want to buy those! They brake easy

Re: WTB Switch Base for Maxi

Rob Abbott /
roba OP

Thx much!

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