WTB: NICE vespa subframe

like not cracked, not fucked up, not super rusty, WITH the kickstand. maybe even with the pedals. what's up?

Re: WTB: NICE vespa subframe

Blake Totally a real doctor /

I have a trash bravo that just came in. Would that be the type ya want? I'll check it out.

Re: WTB: NICE vespa subframe

Oh a NICE one!??? when did you get so fancy!!!

Re: WTB: NICE vespa subframe

i need a nice subframe. everything else can be garbage held togther with bailing wire and race parts, but i need that soild foundation. my last "nice" one that i did a little extra welding on held up great. lots of years on that one. the citta has been on that sub for most of it's life with me. all the stuff i reinforced was fine. catastrophic pedal shaft hole failure. i'ts all tore up. i'm gonna do some stuff to it... for a push start only jam, but the citta is perfect regular, i just want it to be NORMAL!!!

i am cool with most subframes i've seen. the one the citta came with was more or less a bravo sub. the one i modded, then ran was from a grande. they're all the same size more or less. one of my best mo-ments was when i first put the grande sub on the citta and the kickstand worked fine. i smiled and thought to myself "impossible."

i need a good one to start with, i'll pay. c'mon.

Re: WTB: NICE vespa subframe

Ive got a pretty decent Grande sub, will PM

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