FS: derbi revo wheels

Yup, the day has came. Time to sell my revo wheels off my electric start derbi magnum..

These were nos that I got off here in 2013 missing the brake plates. After I somehow sourced the plates from Ed I tossed em on my magnum. Enjoyed running em for a few rally’s and a bunch of rides then I tossed it in in the back of the shop and that 4 years ago.. I got way too much money in these wheels to just give them away but if someone wants to pay to play I’d sell em.

$420 shipped for these bad boys. That’s more than anybody should pay for a set of wheels but these are pretty much the best wheels you can get on your moped. So if your doing a over the top build and want perfection and to stop on a dime these might be for you.


Re: FS: derbi revo wheels

Sweet bike, what number on the Ltd?

Re: FS: derbi revo wheels

Emil Kniemel /

What are you doing with the rest of the bike?

Re: FS: derbi revo wheels

I think that is my old ltd or just the tank?

Re: FS: derbi revo wheels

flip flop wheelset

(guess bc your front fork)

Re: FS: derbi revo wheels

So this guy has no number plate on it since I sold it pretty much right after I got it, think it was #36x or something? Definitely not your tank Avery, this one actually holds gas lol. Rest of the bike has been mothballed in the back of the garage until I get back into the derbi game. Also the brake tab is on the opposite side from derbi so I just ran it flip flopped.

Great wheels, super kush and with 130mm braking surface with new as fuck pads they stop primo!

Re: FS: derbi revo wheels

Jackerz I recognize the tank, that is my old bike it was #123 I sold it to someone in Youngstown who cut the motor mounts off and put a honda motor on it.

Its this bike, or at least the gas tank.

https://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/File:Ltd123_zpsqsxtomnw.jpg (edited)


Re: FS: derbi revo wheels

So not selling the bike selling the wheels. most the original components from the limited were taken by scrappers a long with my roommates 22r Toyota engine he had in the front yard. I sourced the tank later on but honestly could really care less about the bike at this point. Got good pics of the wheels if anyone is interested in those.

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