Need a car?

C Colombo /

Anybody need a car and not a moped right now? I’ll trade this Saab for a bike if it peaked my interest? 175k runs good, leaks a little, burns a little, new brakes new tires new exhaust, daily driver. It’s a wagon so it’ll fit a bike in it

Re: Need a car?

Dirty30 Dillon /

I love a Saab wagon. I miss my 9000 very often.

What kind of bike are you looking for?

Re: Need a car?

C Colombo /
cs65 OP

nothing in particular. god knows i dont need another bike, but i also dont need a saab wagon. anything puch, sometime top tank, something obscure. was trying to fund an onyx purchase but that has taken a back seat during all this shit.

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