Looking for first moped!

Jonah Minnihan /

Hey guys. Looking for my first moped here in Milwaukee, WI. Not really set on one specific make or model, just something to tear up the streets of MKE with. Thanks!

Re: Looking for first mop

try marketplace on facebook ,offer up, letgo,5 mile or oodle Austrian or Italian if you want easy to get parts. Separate frame and tank will save you some grief try to get one all there and loose anyway.(don't be like me).

Re: Looking for first moped!

Look up Cream City Cranks or crankspipe thread here, Ryan and Nick are good dudes they won’t steer you wrong

Re: Looking for first moped!

Hey Jonah, if you're willing to travel to Madison or meet close I have some bikes I'm willing to part with. Sachs Seville, Honda Express(1982, nc50). Running, titled, and cheap. If interested I can throw some pics up and give you the good and the bad

Re: Looking for first moped!

Jonah Minnihan /

Hi Mike, that would be great!

Re: Looking for first moped!

Ok. I'll get em up by Thursday evening

Re: Looking for first moped!

Terbo Speghetti /

I second talkingv to Ryan and Nick from the cranks. They'll help you out

Re: Looking for first moped!

Christian Roberts /

Bump, good guy, give him a deal and get him on a moped! (edited)

Re: Looking for first moped!

1980 Honda Express

Starts great, new tires/tubes, replaceable bulb headlight, key, headlight works

Tank coated, had a few drops of oil under it after storage, oil cap is rigged to stay on with zipps, no mirrors, not sure if tail or indicators function as the battery is shot


1980 Sachs Seville

Starts and runs great, lights work, coaster brake(wow!), condenser replaced, decomp delete, oil pump plugged (running premix).

Tank coated, and may need revision, I always run a paper inline filter, Rear tire developed a leak, but both should be replaced anyway, no mirrors

Comes with the oil tank and pump if you want to mess with that.


Both are titled and registered. Asking $250 ea

The sachs was my daily rider in Madison and I loved it. Got a little more speed out of it with an MLM sidebleed and upjet, but being sold with stock pipe and a few square bing jets.

If you're looking for a true ripper there aren't a ton of upgade options for either of these bikes, the clutch on the sachs is tough to get around. But stock this thing might go another 40years. Bottom line is you'll have to put some bux and effort into getting these to go fast.

If you dig around you can find some pretty awesome NC50 builds. This particular express has the carb with a non exchangable jet IIRC, so you'd have to drill it out or replace it if you want to buy and run this pipe for an extra 50. The header has been shaved a little to fit the stock cylinder.


So if you're interested or want more details let me know!

Re: Looking for first moped!

More pics


Re: Looking for first moped!

I'm interested in the sachs of still available....?

Re: Looking for first moped!

Both bikes sold

Re: Looking for first moped!

I'm always too slow.

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