WTB: Motobecane AV10 engine or parts

I am swapping my AV7 for an AV10. I'm looking for a case, crank, cylinder, head, reed block, intake, pipe, possibly CDI. I'm interested in a bigger kitted cylinder since I'm already undertaking a big upgrade, might as well make it count... I will be using my stock variator.

If no one comes forward with the whole thing I can take partial offers and fill the rest out with new parts. All offers, advice and thoughts are welcome.

Re: WTB: Motobecane AV10 engine or parts

What kind of crankshaft are you looking for?

I have a new av10 crank.

It looks almost identical to this crank from treats


I won't ever use it so I could let it go for $40 plus shipping

Re: WTB: Motobecane AV10 engine or parts

Thanks, I will put a pin in this offer. Once I see what's available I may check back with you to see if you still have it.

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