FS: Jawa Ultrasport

Yeah, sad I know. I just don't ride it and the coronavirus outbreak destroyed my dreams of racing stock class at Moped GP this year, so I'm putting it out there. Fully rebuilt engine, all new bearings and seals, ported cylinder, got it doing mid-high 40's. Modified MLM Moroni intake with 15phbg, metrakit pipe, keeping the cdi because it was a gift so it'll come with the stock ignition, which has good spark. Treats sells new thyristors so no fear on that, or buy you a cdi and rip! There's only like 5 or 6 of these dudes in the states, are you ready to be an cool guy?? PM me if you wanna talk about it, not gonna be cheap sorry :/

Located in SF bay area, can help with shipping.



Re: FS: Jawa Ultrasport

Y are they always missing the lower fairing?

Mine is missing it also

Re: FS: Jawa Ultrasport

Yep, they're all out there somewhere hiding in someone's barn or at the landfill :(

Re: FS: Jawa Ultrasport

No way!?!? How much to send it back to Nashville? Haha

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