FS: Puch and hobbit stuff

Fs, pm offers, you pay shipping, more pics upon request.

Puch stuff:

Front fender off free spirit

Rear shocks, maxi and free spirit

Stock air box thing

Stock #2 head

Free spirit stock pipe

Right side plastic cover free spirit

New Maxi side covers with assortment of side cover bolts because i dont know man, 9 bolts, some long some short. You figure it out.

Stock crank with some crust but decent shape, little play in crank arm

Og 65cc cast iron metrakit. Broken exhaust stud, someone drilled it out off center. Needs to be tapped and would need an exhaust flange modded to fit it right.

2 rear snowflake brake plates, one with arm, one without. (Sold)

Skinny spoke loose bearing rims with irc 2' tires, good tread, no brake plates, no rear sprocket, no speedo drive. Loose Front bearing repacked, rear is good but could use an new pedal drive freewheel.

Hobbit stuff:

Treats black pipe

Solo seat. Needs new cover

Stock points igniton

Headlight bucket with speedo, and key, headlight, headlight.

Stock carb w/ intake (choke lever is a bit bent)

Crank with needle bearing. Not sure if its stock or aftermarket but its in decent condition.

Malossi Tortion control coupler for motomatic gy6 pully so yah contra spring doesnt fly outta place.

Rear pully, rear outter cheek sold together ( attempted to open pully and rounded the threads on it, thats why yah get the new outter cheek with it)

Gy6 yellow and blue contra springs

3.3g malossi rollers

Tjt derbi rumpus plate modified to fit hobbit tjt

Front break horseshoe spring

Starter clutch arms with the little springs.

Front plastic fork plate thing.

New enc rear brake pads

10x36x6 piston pin. Not sure what piston its for, but its made in Italy. (edited)


Re: FS: Puch and hobbit stuff

How much for the hobbit pipe?

Re: FS: Puch and hobbit stuff

$140 shipped

Re: FS: Puch and hobbit stuff

How much for the hobbit fly wheel? Also, how much for the chrome flywheel cover?

Re: FS: Puch and hobbit stuff

Honda ignition and maxi side covers sold.

Re: FS: Puch and hobbit stuff

Looking for a first speed gear


Re: FS: Puch and hobbit stuff

Sweet! good luck?

Re: FS: Puch and hobbit stuff


Re: FS: Puch and hobbit stuff

Things sold:

Treat pipe

Honda ignition and cover

Honda light, crank, front plastic, starter clutch arms

Puch maxi side covers

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