FS: derbi flatreed cylinder

Derbi flat reed cylinder.

Good condition.

No broken fins.

Good bore.

$60 + ship


Re: FS: derbi flatreed cylinder

$50. (edited)

Re: FS: derbi flatreed cylinder

Probably Fred /

I got a few at my house right now for free if someone wants to come up and pick them up,

you’re a rip off con Artist Avery M Beyond belief, why don’t you get a real job!

don’t buy nothing from skater/same person on eBay he’s a rip off con artist ! He got a a maxi seat on eBay for $150,

Yeah I wish he was in my neighborhood I’d set him straight real quick!

Re: FS: derbi flatreed cylinder

Im sorry you feel that way ken because I appreciate your knowledge and your posts you seem like a decent guy but everyone knows you price things cheap because you been at this forever. Calling me a con artist is un called for just because you don't like my prices on stuff. Prices are always or best offer. (edited)

Re: FS: derbi flatreed cylinder

Yea if I owned parts or bikes for 25/30 years and got it cheap or free(like you like to boast about frequently) I could give stuff away like you say. But that is not the case.

Re: FS: derbi flatreed cylinder

LOLLL Remember that “freshly rebuilt” “ready to go” e50 kicker with missing parts, finger tight nuts, rusty crank with rings fused to the piston you sold me for 500$? you most certainly conned the fuck outta me

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