Motron Medalist

Way way way back in 2011 I had this thing powder coated in blue with a clear and accented with blackjack, which is slightly textured. Since 2011 I've crisscrossed the US 5 times and every time this ped came along. However, as evident it's never been finished. Vin plate was removed for powder, but I have that in a little ziploc bag for you.

New stickers

New Tomos shocks

NOS seat

New tires

New tubes

Cool front rack

Cimatti handle bars for that ultra plush step through lifestyle

Some Pepi five stars

New axles and brake hardware

Here's my dream ped for the cost of powdercoating and case of beer.

$450 picked up

Lansdowne, PA



Re: Motron Medalist

Looks like I left a Cranks sticker on the light... HOnorary membership, lol.



Re: Motron Medalist


Re: Motron Medalist

daaaang, I wish it were closer

Re: Motron Medalist

The paint/powder is awesome! GLWS!

Re: Motron Medalist

>>>taykoff [s2m] /

That is a beautiful Motron...GLWS!

Re: Motron Medalist

I think I remember this from your apartment in Fish Town; what a great deal!

Re: Motron Medalist

Thanks everyone.

> Ian T Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I think I remember this from your apartment in Fish Town; what a great

> deal!

It hasn't changed one bit, haha. That was so long ago you live out here... oh the memories of Brooklyn.

Re: Motron Medalist

Man. I'm gonna be in Pittsburgh next weekend....

Re: Motron Medalist

Nice bike. I got a polini kitted v1 that would be killer on that.

Re: Motron Medalist

dammit i want this so bad

Re: Motron Medalist

So fresh and clean

Re: Motron Medalist

Currently inside of a COVID-19 free household. :)

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