WTB Puch stator

* wormdirt * /

Preferably a 5 wire but 4 is cool too

Doesn't need a working condenser

Re: WTB Puch stator

i got this no ignition coil, 15 shipped.


or a large flat rate for 50 shipped.

moped buffet

Re: WTB Puch stator

Michael Domanski /

Early pucks were 5 wire later were 6 wire, which you need?

Re: WTB Puch stator

Probably Fred /

If late 1977 mfg date to around 1982 Maybe early 83 are 6 wire systems but I never owned or saw a 83 or a 1984, 1985-1986 different systems with voltage regulator

Re: WTB Puch stator

* wormdirt * /

Got one, thanks guyz

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