WTB Used/Vintage White Grips

I'm getting my 57-58 Riverside/Motobecane running after being stored for many years. I plan to leave the rusty/crusty metal 'as is'. I need a pair of grips that was originally white or off-white. I want them to look very, very used to go with the very rusty handlebars. Post a pic of what you have. Thanks in advance

Riverside Moped.jpg

Re: WTB Used/Vintage White Grips

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

I think white would contrast too much. I think some biltwell kung fu grips in "natural" or "chocolate" would look nice.


Re: WTB Used/Vintage White Grips

Paul McMain /

Thanks Brandon, I do like the chocolate color. The pedals on mine were originally white, ditto for the grips. They could have been an off white, hard to say. I'll keep the chocolate ones as a good option.

Re: WTB Used/Vintage White Grips

Pushrod Fifty /

Biltwells come in white, I like the x pattern ones, forget the name.

Re: WTB Used/Vintage White Grips

They make a bunch of white grips: https://www.biltwellinc.com/collections/grips

Buy a white set and then get oil all over your hands before going for a long ride, that'll give the weathered look you're after

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