Trade for mopeds

I have a 1980 Kawi kz550. Decided this year is enduro so gunna sell/trade this one and stick with my KLR.

So this one is up for trade. For mopeds, I'd put a trade value of 900 on this thing.

Starts and runs good, I rebuilt the carbs and got the synced. Starts first time you push the button. I got it on trade a couple weeks ago, so I dont know much history. Has 22k. Rear tire is near the end of its life. Also, the cam chain tensioner needs adjusted. If I can get an afternoon off work I'll probably do that myself. Not bad just clanky. Missing the little rear plastic piece.


Re: Trade for mopeds

where r u located

Re: Trade for mopeds

> Tong P. Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> where r u located

his profile says Ohio

Re: Trade for mopeds

Pushrod Fifty /

Looks cool. You could just plate it and have fun with it.

Re: Trade for mopeds

Beach Club Nick /

This bike already got traded

Re: Trade for mopeds

Axtually this is sold.

Ended up working it into a deal for this thing


Re: Trade for mopeds

> Mike V Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Axtually this is sold.


> Ended up working it into a deal for this thing

> >

love me some DJ5. Is it RHD or LHD? Which drivetrain does yours have?

These are fun and terrifying to drive. Cruise around a turn with the door open and you're liable to get tossed hahah.

Re: Trade for mopeds

^ Me too, that one looks rhd. :) Did not think there were any of those left!

Re: Trade for mopeds

Old postal Jeep?

Re: Trade for mopeds

Yep 1973 am general dj-5c. Its RHD. It needs a steering box to be street legal but it's going to be fun.

Re: Trade for mopeds

I test drove one of those when I was a kid, too young to put it in my name, dad nixed that one, it was fun, but VERY primitive. BIG 6cyl, but geared low, and if I remember right, had a posi rear end.

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