WTB Morini main gear

Born to be WillD /

I think it's the same for M1 or MO1, the final drive gear. I impatiently tried to use a 2 jaw puller instead of waiting til i could go get my proper puller, it taco'd the thing and cracked it.

#83 there

Re: WTB Morini main gear

Born to be WillD /

I'm dum, I didnt look cuz why would dos have that in stock?

Well they do and I'll prolly just buy that haha.


if anyone got just the gear cheaper tho, lemme know.

Re: WTB Morini main gear

You big dummy. You need patients since you're a doctor, no wait patience is a requisite with mopadz. Dos has saved my ass more than once. Out of curiosity, what does the correct tool look like? Pic? (edited)

Re: WTB Morini main gear

Blake Totally a real doctor /

Will, shoot me a text with what ya need.

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