Wtb (ot) rear rack for honda cb125s

Looking for a rack for my 79 honda cb125s. Been looking for awhile and figured I would try here? I think cb100 also fits?


Re: Wtb (ot) rear rack for honda cb125s

Beach Club Nick /

There were no Honda racks for them, only universal aftermarket ones. Look on eBay

Re: Wtb (ot) rear rack for honda cb125s

Pushrod Fifty /

You want to kill that beauty with a rack? Why not a backpack or a cycle pack, I got a sweet Brooks cycle backpack, Holds alot of stuff. Before that I had a brown leather rucksack I used for years with my mopeds, a $4.00 yardsale score.

Some are expandable if you want to go crazy. I have camped out of these small packs using ultralight camping gear, hauled 12 packs, all kinds of stuff. Great if you need to ditch your riding jacket when the temos start climbing.

Re: Wtb (ot) rear rack for honda cb125s

Yeah I usually have a backpack but want a rack so I can strapa milk crate on when I go to the beer store. I know they look like shit but its function over fashion. I had the low bars on it for awhile but got uncomfortable on my old body. I like the upright position much better. Did look sick with the clubmans.


Re: Wtb (ot) rear rack for honda cb125s

Pushrod Fifty /

I found the angled clubmans to be uncomfortable. The drop angle was too much, I had to really squeeze my arms inward to keep my hands from sliding off of the bars. I flipped them over snd now there is only a slight down angle and my chest is up a little. I can still lean into tight corners.

I brought these bars from a small website that sold British aftermarket stuff. They are the next size up from a moped bar in length and strength, ideal for a 125 to 250cc bike.

The first pair had a chrome defect on the top, the seller sent me another for free. After I got the 2nd pair I went to swap it out and thought of flipping them.

Now I have 2 bikes with them installed and they are just right. The defect is now on the bottom. I like the flat M bars that Treats sells, I wish they sold them in the next size up.



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