FS: trash $23 shipped

Well I was cleaning the side of my house and found these carbs lurking on a table in a weathered box. Rather than toss it all away I figured I’d offer it all to the good folks here for a low price.

2x12:12 dellorto derbi carbs

2x Mikuni carbs off who knows what one is a destroyed body

1x vespa float bowl and air filter

1x ciao headlight with a dented bezel and wires

All shipped to you in a medium flat rate box for $23

You also get everything else in the pic that looks like it fits in a medium flat rate. Thanks


Re: FS: trash $23 shipped


Also included is the rando pumper carb and the tap!


Re: FS: trash $23 shipped


Re: FS: trash $23 shipped

pm me your paypal address I will take it. I need the ciao stuff and the headlight.

Re: FS: trash $23 shipped

Sorry this all sold a while ago

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