Tomos colibri frames

Selling some bits for other projects. Have a few of these and dont need any spares since I'd need to ride my colibri to break anything..

1 NOS frame some shelf damage and no VIN sticker. $75 + shipping

1 used frame a bit beat up, but good and usable. $50 + shipping

1 frame/swing/shock/forks $100 + shipping (will split if need a specific part)

Post, PM, or E-mail your zip for quote. Payment preferably through Paypal

Re: Tomos colibri frames

♣Slew Foot♣ /

One frame please 18017.

Pm me price w shipping....

Re: Tomos colibri frames

♣Slew Foot♣ /

The 100 dollar w swingforkstand combo.

Maybe I can use that pipe LOL....

Re: Tomos colibri frames

$50 used frame sold

Slew has dibs on the $100 non roller roller

Re: Tomos colibri frames

NOS frame sold and frame/swing setup is pending

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