Malaguti Emblem


NOS Malaguti Emblem 15$ shipped to the US of A.

Re: Malaguti Emblem

Wow nice. How do those attach to the bike?

Re: Malaguti Emblem

not to be greedy, but if its 15 shipped for all... id snach em up.

Re: Malaguti Emblem

15 each

They have little studs on the back that press into the covers. Or you can just glue them on. That’s what I’m going to do to my toolbox

Re: Malaguti Emblem

Found some more. Liquidation sale!

2 for 20shipped

Re: Malaguti Emblem

Well THAT'S cheap enough. If I had a Malaguti I'd be eating them up. BUMP!

Re: Malaguti Emblem


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