1980 Puch Maxi FOR SALE

Ian Freeman /
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Skip to the second paragraph if you don't want a lovely story/intro to this bad boy.

Every want to impress your friends as you fly by them on your sweet new (not actually new but very old) moped? Did you answer no to the previous question? Perfect, because I have the moped for you. Imagine, you wake up at 7am for work and struggle to get out of bed. Nothing could make your day any worse, but then, you get to the garage and realize you own this *beautiful* 1980ish Puch Maxi. You can't believe it, it is really yours. You shrug your shoulders as you kick this baby over with one pedal and she fires right up. It only gets better, you hear it roar because some kid just like you decided years ago to remove all the baffle and baffle material so you hear that unrestricted e50, single speed, engine boom each crank of the piston. All 50ccs move through the now unrestricted exhaust and vibrate the eardrums of your neighbors and you. You are now awake, welcome to the 21st century alarm clock. You take off for work and all your friends make fun of you because you need to leave 6 hours early to make it there with a steady pace of maybe 30mph if you are lucky. It's okay though, after a 12 hour shift you head off for home, but wait, it appears all the lights have burned out and no one was smart or patient enough to replace them. That's a job for another day.

Location: Amherst, OH Price: $300 OBO (Very flexbile)

In all seriousness, if we even have that here, the moped is in half-decent shape. It has it flaws but for a price of $300 OBO (offer me less, chances are I'm desperate and take it) you can't beat it. It comes with the original side panels which are nearly impossible to find under $150 these days. It's also sporting those mag wheels (get out of here lame spoke wheels, it's a new generation now). Recently replaces all fuel lines, fuel filter, cleaned the carb and got it running smooth. This is very obviously a project but a short one at that. The E50 runs smooth and doesn't make any noises it shouldn't. I'll also give you a quart of two stroke oil and some trans fluid I picked up on the way home from picking this thing up. The pictures tell its story and they tell it well. I want this gone as fast as possible so please lowball me but like make it a respectful lowball. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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