Puch stuff

Magnum tank 115 shipped. Everything else just make an offer. Not looking to get rich just has to be worth my time to package and ship. #11 cylinder, #22 cylinder, magnum cylinder marked#1. Maxi fork, nice chrome on fender. Magnum seat pan garbage/ unusable. Treats cdi left me stranded so I abandoned it, don't feel like troubleshooting it. Gazelles good tread. 2 15mm clones, 1 12mm bing . Feel free to ask questions or more pics.


Re: Puch stuff

Willing to break up the fender/forks?

Re: Puch stuff

Tank pics


Re: Puch stuff

Stuart Jeremias /

pm sent... i will take the black shocks.

Re: Puch stuff

Sure I'll separate

Re: Puch stuff

Tank sold.

Cat eyes sold.

Square brake light sold

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Here's what's left. Tires.


Air filters

#22 cylinder

#11 cylinder

#1 puch head

Crusty mag head


Maxi swingarm

E50 flywheel/ rusty

Stock e50 crank

15 bing clone

12 bing genuine

Treats cdi


Everything in pic


Re: Puch stuff

Front fender

Coil shocks

Chain tensioner

Tires are all sold

Re: Puch stuff

Latest pic of what's left. Everything but crankshaft and carbs. Local pickup. 50 obo takes all


Re: Puch stuff

Jonny Hernandez /

where are you located

Re: Puch stuff

Southern maine

Re: Puch stuff


Re: Puch stuff

Pending sale

Re: Puch stuff

All sold. Thanks

Re: Puch stuff

Thank You!

Re: Puch stuff

Who ever got the Cdi just remember you’ll be on the side of the road if you fix it and reinstall it.

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