WTB: motobecane Cady parts

Looking for isodyne engine parts. I’m in need of a top end, rear pulley and potentially a crankshaft if any one is holding out.

Re: WTB: motobecane Cady parts

Blake Totally a real doctor /

Let me dig around the swoop shop. I have 3 engines in pieces from trying to fix one but then the frame rusted though.


Re: WTB: motobecane Cady parts

Same thing happened to mine, outside looked great.... inside was the worst I have ever seen. Had to cut it open and clean it all out... painted the inside and then welded it back up. Added a crossbar as well.


Re: WTB: motobecane Cady parts

LSLB Zach Richards /

Y’all putting in the work on the cadys...cool to see the all these rotten eggs get built cough cough batavus builders

Re: WTB: motobecane Cady parts

Sunday Morning Motors used to have one hanging on the wall, ask them?

Re: WTB: motobecane Cady parts

Rad thanks Blake! I also need a headlight assembly. You can email us mtm.seattle@gmail.com

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