FS- Maxi/ SSXL/ other parts


For sale because someone stole my beloved Maxi, extraneous parts given to me when I purchased my SSXL from previous owner, and things I've picked up in-between that are taking up more room than my girlfriend is willing to part with in our apartment.

Running list (if I can remember it all, I think... feel free to ask questions):

-Maxi front fender & hanger

-Rear SSXL fender (can include entire brake light & housing if interested)

-Maxi stem handlebars OEM

-Aftermarket black bmx-style bars

-custom clip-ons for SSXL featuring a spot for kill switch on the end

- brand new in box brake pads (EBC) for 17'' spoke Maxi- complete set

- 2 sets of EBR headlight brackets

- Magnum length EBR triple tree, never used

- Used EBR peugeot-length fork legs with brake stop welded on (from SSXL, previous owner)

-Peugeot frame brace, brand new (was going to use on Maxi)

- 5 3/4 in headlight grill from Treats, mounted and then removed

- OEM rear shocks from SSXL

- 2 sets of handlebar mounts, 1 is the single mount, 1 set of two mounts

- drive chain guard for Maxi

- EBR upper yoke for Maxi

- 3 new pedal chains for Maxi, not in box, 3-4 drive chains for either, mostly unused (less than 20 miles on ANY)

- New in bag aftermarket throttle assembly

-Maxi seat and seat clamps, I bought, stretched, tanned and waterproofed this leather myself. Had my friend hand-stitch and attach to seat (which is rust free). Less than 2 years old, mostly kept in a storage unit after I got hit last September. Great shape, super bummed to see go.

Like I said, stuff has to go, I'm not looking to gouge anyone.

Re: FS- Maxi/ SSXL/ other parts

Already see something I forgot to mention- Brand new, never mounted Athena bing 15mm intake.

Re: FS- Maxi/ SSXL/ other parts

Price on the ssxl shocks to 02135?

And any pics of the clip ons? I'm wondering what the kill switch setup looks like that you mentioned.

Re: FS- Maxi/ SSXL/ other parts

I been waiting for his PayPal info for the clip ons, I think he’s sleeping.., maybe church? (edited)

Re: FS- Maxi/ SSXL/ other parts

Dude is a lady, and yes- I fell asleep.

Clip-ons, frame brace, and one set of handlebar clamps are spoken for.

Re: FS- Maxi/ SSXL/ other parts

$25 bucks shipping included for the ssxl shocks? I'm waiting to hear back from a couple others as well, but I can make it to the post office today (closes at 3, I'm in Portland Oregon) and provide you tracking details as well. PayPal?

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