THC 2020

Kevin Bishop /

Help fund my trip to Texas Hemp Convention 2020! I have a bunch of parts I will never use and you can have them for a fair price.

Cases: Tomos Garelli Tomos did I say Tomos

Cylinders: Garelli Vespa Tomos Puch Honda

Carbs/Intakes: another thread but yeah several Puch Garelli Tomos...

Exhaust: Stock and performance ^

Bearings: NOS Steyr FAG Nachi...

Bushings: NOS Clutch and such...I rhymed

Gaskets: NOS Puch Za50 e50

Roller Bearings: plenty of sizes and styles 12mm x 15mm

I am growing CBD’s this year to help people with medical problems.

I need to get certified and make connections to grow and manufacture. Peace

Re: THC 2020

Good luck with the cbd farm!

Re: THC 2020

Christopher Willett /

Any pics? Exhaust for a maxi?

Re: THC 2020

LSLB Zach Richards /

Is THC even legal in Texas?

Re: THC 2020

> LSLB: Zach richards Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Is THC even legal in Texas?

Cbd is, and hemp but not thc

Re: THC 2020

Kevin Bishop /


Re: THC 2020

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Read your pm's....

Re: THC 2020

Any pictures or more info on the garelli cases?

Re: THC 2020

Kevin Bishop /

I will get a pic when i am back home

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