THC 2020

Kevin Bishop /

Now I got your attention help fund my trip to Texas Hemp Convention.

What parts do you need maybe I got them.

NOS bearings yes! :Lots and hard to find shielded ones.

Bushings :fuck yeah I don’t even know what half of these are for!

Tomos cases :several A35’s an A3sp

Gaskets: Puch NOS za50 e50

Stators: shitloads Garelli Puch Tomos CEV Ducati Pietcard

Exhaust: Stock and performance

Vespa Tomos Garelli

Cylinders: Tomos A35 A3 Garelli Ariel fin Vespa Grande

Tons more too!!!!!!

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Re: THC 2020

Kevin Bishop /

Oops should have posted in BuySell

Re: THC 2020

♣Slew Foot♣ /

How much you need for the trip?

I will take the Tomos cases as a formality...

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