Pittsburgh. $400 clean complete whole Honda Express nc50


Okay next up.... all nice and shiny pretty clean blue nc50 Honda Express 1980 first gen clockspring kickstarter

All plastics, yes even the carb/intake/choke/airbox.

good-looking chrome rims nice bar chrome

I just bought the rear turn signal stem assembly bracket, modest repair needed

front turn signals mild repair needed

all four signals wiring and lenses included.

Nice seat and headlight bucket and gas/oil tank

Ok fenders front and rear. oem tires but holding air.

Wind up kick starter spring loads and turns over the motor nicely w brake lever release.

All good cables controls wiring ...but no key. But I boughtcha a good Honda ignition tumbler unit and matching key you can swap into the ignition.

$400 pick it up in 15102

$400 plus your own uship

$450 plus greyhound and USPS shipping and I'll pack it for depot shipping

$400 plus $ incentive to meet up or deliver

Trade me a nice/quality/titled/wired 4x* or 5x* wire wesh utility trailer?

This bike was high on my to-do list but another hobby obsession wins out for now.

Re: Pittsburgh. $400 clean complete whole Honda Express nc50


Re: Pittsburgh. $400 clean complete whole Honda Express nc50

Make it $350 and I have an aggressively ported stock Honda topend to go with it.

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