WTB Tomos bullet wheel(s)

I'm looking for a rear 16" spoked tomos a3 bullet wheel. Look through online stores and local moped shops and no one has em. Thanks.

Re: WTB Tomos bullet wheel(s)

♣Slew Foot♣ /

You can make any 16 in rim fit provided you have the spacings right you can mix and match the parts to get t

he desired line and tracking the brake Hub size has to match and the retaining pin for the brake Armature stop


Re: WTB Tomos bullet wheel(s)

I would like some 5 star mags on mine but I cant find any for sale. I need a spoked stock wheel ready to go or a set of ready to mount mags for my bullet. Hard to find since all the rear wheel spoked rims for a3 are sold out on the moped parts online stores.

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