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Local seller has a Motron Medalist for sale It’s in very good condition ,runs great and has all parts.Asking $600 ,is this a good bike,good Price? 25 MPH . Thanks

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That seems about middle of the road. Maybe a bit high for the area. For that price, it should be ready to ride, with good, newer tires, tubes, cables and brakes. Should be cosmetically good, and not missing any pieces, parts or covers at all. Wiring should be original, with all lights and horn working.

It’s too much money, if it doesn’t start, stop and run flawlessly.

If it “ran when parked”, or “ just needs carb cleaned to run properly” , walk away.

It should need absolutions nothing to get on and ride wherever you want to go.

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Here's what I have paid over the last 4 years for Motrons in the Northeast Ohio area. Only 3 ran at the test ride, 3 ran after tlc, and 3 were (are) nasty but salvageable. The $600 price puts it high on the list, but I think I've seen the ad he's referring to and it looks really nice. Two more pristine bikes were on CL and Marketplace last summer at the $700 mark.

I'm sinking about $250 into each bike for tires, rebuilds, and top end parts on many of these, so if all this bike needs is new tires and seals, it might be a bargain in the long run.

Also, there's a sharp looking one in Syracuse, NY priced at $500 if you fancy a 12 hour round trip from Canton.

If you are attending the Zeroes event at the beginning of February, there may be a red Medalist with a professionally rebuilt motor for sale., not sure on the price yet.

Red Medalist parts bike, Millersburg, 25

Green Medalist, Toledo, 75

*Red Medalist, Alliance, 100

*Yellow Fairway, Rochester NY, 150

Yellow Sprint, Niles, 200

**Yellow Sprint, Cuyahoga Falls, 325

*Silver Medalist, Pittsburgh PA, 325

Red Medalist, Wooster, 350

Black Classic, Mansfield, 425

Green Medalist, delivered from Avon, 700

* = needed rebuild to run

** = ran but drastically needed rebuilt

Re: Motron Medalist

This bike is located only about 20 miles away. I just bought a 1978 Sachs Balboa for $300 ,it looks go but is a mechanical nightmare,I’ll have at least $800 in it but may be going a little overboard. It’s a Grandson project. A couple weeks ago I picked up a

1965 Cub for $750, after putting in a new plug and cleaning the leaky carb it starts first kick every time . Cosmetically though it need a lot of work, mostly spit and polish.

I really don’t know anything about the Medalist but it runs and look to be in good shape ,Probably won’t buy it but might know someone interested. Thanks for the feedback, this site has been very informative.

Re: Motron Medalist

Motrons have the Minarelli V1 engine. They are super reliable, simple, and easy to find parts & upgrades. I highly recommend, but this one seems just a little high.

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The Motron is a great and bike. Minarelli v1 motor. Pretty much all parts are extremely easy to come by, even performance upgrades. There is also a lot of info available so its a good one for sure. but I agree with everyone price seems too rich for my blood.

Re: Motron Medalist

Paid 350 for a stock one the other day. Needs tires, missing one cover and the center Bolt for the goose handle bars snapped.

Other than that it’s super clean.

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