WTB: targa or LX tank

Pablo Puchasso /

I am looking for a Tomos tank. Doesn’t matter color... can be targa or LX... must hold gas and have minimal rust

Re: WTB: targa or LX tank

We have a few.

One with a bad metallic spray paint, scuffs and scratches, rust on inside. $35,

One black tank that appears to be new, some scuffs, dent on decal, small bend on rear mount flange that can be easily bent back, light surface rust inside from storage.. $90

Also a perfect brand new white one. Not pictured. $125

Click HERE for pics.

All prices are without shipping.

Or if you are looking for a tank for a custom project, we also have many brand new Cosmo Stinger gas tanks in various conditions (scuffs, scratches, dings, etc) from poor storage. $50

Re: WTB: targa or LX tank

What’s up max? I got a used one in blue I’d sell ya for $45 shipped!

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