How much for THIS one?

The local Honda shop gave my number to a customer calling me the "Local Moped Expert."

The customer was given a Red 1978 Concord XKE by a neighbor with very low mileage. The kid rides the bike for a year and it now has 600 miles on it. The bike suddenly stops running and will not start. I know jack about these engines, but my best guess is electrical, probably condenser, so it's a ten dollar fix to get the motor running again.

However, they had removed the tail light, the 42 year old tires are dry rotted, they tore the carburator apart, there's 2 more SHA clones in a box, I wouldn't trust the petcock, and I wouldnt trust the seals, so that engine needs rebuilding.

I go on Treatland and price out a worst case scenario to replace everything that usually goes bad after 40 years plus a new front sprocket to make the bike stock, safe, and 30 mph. The Treats cart is about $325, and my mechanic will do the rebuild, because I am not an expert at that, for $125, for a total of $450. But that is worse case, and the mechanic is positive he can come in around $300 because not everything I priced out is going to be bad, and he might have some used parts lying around and could pass that savings on to the customer. Plus, when he does a rebuild, he services the entire bike so the customer gets a reliable, turnkey bike. Basically, his rebuilds are a labor of love and he doesn't get paid for all the extras he does.

Well, of course, that $450 worse case caused sticker shock, but I did reassure that it shouldn't be that bad. Plus, the customer also has a $2000 Honda dirt bike in the garage, so I gotta think this kid is probably gonna want to ride a 60 mph dirt bike a lot more than a 30 mph moped, especially once he turns 16. I know I would.

In the off chance the guy offers me any kind of deal on this bike, what do I say? I've got 20 plus mopeds already, I'm running out of room in the basement, and no matter who keeps this bike, it still needs all these parts and labor.

I wouldn't want anyone to toss a complete bike in the trash, I don't need or want any more, and I can't afford to fix it up any time soon, should I end up with it.

So, what's a "just stopped running" 78 Concord XKE that "we got for free" worth?

Re: How much for THIS one?

Pushrod Fifty /

$325 minus what you can get it for. The labor is free because you love working on mopeds.

Re: How much for THIS one?

A non-running moped is worth $100.

More info can be found here -

$125 is way too cheap for a paid mechanic to drop a motor and totally rebuild it then reinstall it and test it.

If they are proposing to do that plus other work such as tires and tubes/ electrical work etc. for under $125 they do not know how much work / time it will take.

Are you sure they are not just talking about something like a top end rebuild or trans rebuilt or carb rebuild or some lesser service?

Also, I doubt it needs a rebuild. Only 600 miles and it stops abruptly, does not sound like it needs a rebuild. If I were gambling, I'd pace my bets on some kind of tail light issue. Italian mopeds don't spark/work without a functional tail light / brake light / brake light switches. So maybe it just needs a bulb OR maybe some wires or a switch got messed up.

Other things that I can think would be that the carb just got clogged and/or the condenser went bad. Condensers constantly go bad on Italian mopeds, but it is usually less abrupt.

Maybe he ran it with no oil and/or it sprung a top end leak and he needs a top end only rebuild - but if he made it 600 miles, I'd assume he knew how to mix oil and stock top ends generally don't just leak for no reason.

I'd step back and re-diagnose before spending all of that money on parts & suspiciously under-priced labor you don't need.

Good Luck!

Re: How much for THIS one?

Jimmy Cincinnati /

There are times a complete moped is not even worth $50, but it really comes down To condition. The $100 rule just is not true, any puch, tomos, or Italian moped is worth over $100 if the motor is complete and spins freely. Now if you just don’t want the project or need the parts than pass on it. Pass the deal onto a friend.

Re: How much for THIS one?

just buy it, cuz u know u want it.

Re: How much for THIS one?

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

Tail light removed? On an Italian bike that has the brake light running off the ignition coil? If either of the brake light switches is not working, it will kill the spark. Easy fix.

Re: How much for THIS one?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

New tires clean oem carb new rings a oem taillight. The tail has a resistor in it so if the bulb. Is blown it won't start or idle properly

150. To get it running.

150 as parts bike

Re: How much for THIS one?

Those in the know should be able to make that run in an afternoon. Assuming they didn't kill it with straight gas. With spit and maybe an external condensor. (edited)

Re: How much for THIS one?

Trent, it’s the same as all your Motrons. Same engine & electrics, but a way cooler frame.

If you can fix a Motron, you can fix this. Get it.

Re: How much for THIS one?

Dirty30 Dillon /

Yeah, "non-running moped for $100" is bunk. What a shop/reseller would pay for a non-running bike does not constitute what an end-user would pay.

You can't buy a complete, non-running moped in the metro area for less than $250. And even then, the parts/labor costs associated with the quality of bike you get at that level is not even worth it.

Even as a shop owner, I would rather spend the $4-500 to have things all there to start, then wrestle with countless hours of labor and search time as I try to piece together a $150, backyard special.

Re: How much for THIS one?

Trent Anderson /

Somebody, either the original owner or the kid, pulled off the tail light. They misplaced the back of the tail light somewhere in their garage. The solder on the ceramic resistor looked fine, but the tail light bulb was missing. I asked the kid if it stalled when he hit the brakes, and he said it did, so I agree that the bike could most likely get up and running with as little as good bulbs, a condenser, spark plug coil, new plug, or some combination thereof costing from $3 to $50.

The remainder of the $325 was if they bought top of the line tires, tubes, rim strips, a new set of rings, seals, bearings, gaskets, a quart of oil, petcock, etc.

I didn't want to tell them, "yeah, its a three dollar light bulb" and then present them a bill for $450. Richard Eberline and I just wanted to price out a job that would give the kid a great running bike that should last longer than he will probably be interested in riding it.

Anyway, I got a text while at church that they are fine with around the $300 mark. I'm going to Toledo anyway, so the trip to the mechanic is moot. The only extra expense will be when the rebuilt engine is brought back to Cleveland. I actually doubt that Richard or I will make any money on this at all. It's really almost a freebie to get a kid interested in the hobby.

Re: How much for THIS one?

IMO, it’s silly and wasteful to rebuild an engine with only 600 miles, unless it ate a ring or wrist pin clip or something. The bearings and rings are likely perfect, and better quality than any aftermarket replacements.

But you do you.

Re: How much for THIS one?

The thing is, most likely you fix the taillight, throw on tires and tubes, a seven dollar crank seal, clean the points and ride it. No need to go to extremes, if it’s in good shape. The kid was riding it; it hasn’t been sitting in a barn for 40 years.

Re: How much for THIS one?

Trent Anderson /

As for "$100 for a non-running moped":

Over the last 4 years since I got back into the hobby, I have bought 32 bikes, 8 were parts bikes and 5 of those were traded or sold to MA members, 3 are still in my scrap pile.

I sold a running bike to a local kid, and a running Puch Sport MKII was part of a labor deal on V1 rebuilds. Another bike is an AMF friction drive, but let's not count that as anything but a novelty item.

Of the remaining 21, 7 were running, leaving 14.

1 bike was $325, 1 was $300, 2 were $200, 3 were $150, 2 were $125, and 5 were under $100. On average, my 14 non-runners cost me $150 per bike.

Re: How much for THIS one?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

In Pennsylvania without direct transfer of title which costs 100. Or no title that will be a parts bike. The runaround thru Delaware or Vermont won't float if it was ever titled in PA.

See 150. Is actually higher than I would pay just due to storage space.

Re: How much for THIS one?

> Seth B Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> The thing is, most likely you fix the taillight, throw on tires and

> tubes, a seven dollar crank seal, clean the points and ride it. No need

> to go to extremes, if it’s in good shape. The kid was riding it; it

> hasn’t been sitting in a barn for 40 years.

I rather agree with this, as a start, since it was running it's prob ok, you can always go in for full rebuild if that does not get it going, it does not take much to keep a seal wet, a tank of fuel a season will do it. Tires are totally worth replacing though, I never used to but got talked into it, and the improvement is very noticeable, same with brakes, far more important to be able to stop reliably. I also second the superiority of og parts vs most aftermarket stuff. Just my experience.

Re: How much for THIS one?

Jimmy Cincinnati /

IMO, it’s silly and wasteful to rebuild an engine with only 600 miles,

I mostly agree, however i personally like to replace crank seals as 40 years to a bike that has primary just sat (likely in an un-air conditioned garage/shed) is not kind to old rubber. Normally you can swap crank seals out without cracking the center cases, so for the $20 in parts i would recommend most bikes get the upgrade. But yeah, assuming this engine is not seized up I would just attempt to get it running as it sits.

Ive never seen a Concorde XKE that was worth $300 non running. From my experience most italian bikes are rust buckets... normally the forks and wheels (chrome parts) are straight rust. My guess is the Italians did not use good quality materials for chrome plating. The bike is still worth $150 if the motor is complete and turns over freely.

Re: How much for THIS one?

for fucks sake, look at it before you quote anything. tail light gone on an italian bike, hmm. theres your issue 84%.

christ, imagine rebuilding every moped motor when it died.

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